PHI 5000 Versa Probe II

PHI 5000 Versa Probe II
LEEP 2 Room G442


Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D

Covid Update

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  • Ultra-high vacuum instrument, raster scanned, micro focused, x-ray beam
  • 20 kV electron gun
  • Floating column argon ion gun
  • LaB6 emitter- creates a raster-scanned electron beam focused on the Al anode of the x-ray source to produce a monochromated x-rays
  • Ellipsoidal shaped quartz crystal monochromator- collects, filters, and refocuses x-rays onto the sample surface to scan and acquire the spectrum
  • Dual-beam charge neutralization
  • Compucentric Zalar rotation
  • Sputter depth profiling (5V to 5000)
  • Angle-resolved spectroscopy
  • Chemical state imaging
  • Elemental composition and chemical mapping with SXI (Secondary X-ray Imaging) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM; using secondary electrons)
  • Five-axis automated sample manipulator
  • 25 mm and 60 mm diameter sample holders
  • Extra Sample Prep chamber with Heating, Cooling, and mixture of Gases
  • X-ray beam size for XPS ranges from 9 µ to 200 µ and AES is scanned at 100 nm

Workstation Specifications

  • Instrument driven by SmartSoft software
  • Multipak Software for data analysis (Physical Electronics Inc.)
  • Xeon E5-1603
  • 4GB RAM
  • NVIDIA Quadro 410 graphics card
  • two-512GB SATA HDD RAID
  • Windows 7/ 32-bit