Leica Laser Scanning Confocal Upright Microscope

Leica Laser Scanning Confocal Upright Microscope
Haworth Hall Room 1043 Bay 3


Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D

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  • Leica TCS SPE Laser Scanning Confocal upright microscope (Model DM6-Q)
  • Laser lines for excitation:
    • 405nm
    • 488nm
    • 561nm
    • 635nm
  • Incident (Fluorescent) lamp with filter cubes (DAPI, GFP, Texas Red and Cy5) and transmitted (Brightfield) lamp for eyepieces only.
  • 12-bit spectral PMT detector
  • Programmable piezo-driven automated XYZ stage

Workstation Specifications

  • Leica LAS X Imaging software
  • Intel i7-6800k processor
  • 32GB RAM
  • NVIDIA Quadro K620 graphics card
  • two-256GB SSD RAID
  • one-2TB SATA HDD
  • Windows 10/ 64-bit

Available Leica Infinity Corrected Objectives:

Comparison of Magnification and Corrections/Properties/Immersion Medium for Microscope Objectives
MagnificationNumerical ApertureCorrections/Properties/Immersion Medium
10X0.30ACS APO
40X1.15ACS APO/ Oil
63X1.30ACS APO/ Oil

Available Olympus Infinity Corrected Objectives (Interchangeable)

Table of Objective Lenses with Magnification, Numerical Aperture, and Corrections/Properties/Immersion Medium
MagnificationNumerical ApertureCorrections/Properties/Immersion Medium
4X0.13UPlan FLN
10X0.30UPlan FLN/ Phase1
10X0.30UPlan FLN
20X0.50UPlan FLN
40X0.60LUCPlanFLN/ Phase2
40X0.95UPlanSApo/ DIC
40X1.30LUCPlanFLN/ Oil
60X0.90UPlanApo/ DIC
60X1.42PlanApo N/ Oil
100X1.40UPlanSApo/ Oil
150X1.45UApoN/ Oil