Research Resource Core Laboratory

Eduardo Rosa-Molinar

Director, Microscopy Analytical Imaging Research Resource Core Laboratory (MAI)
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Primary office:
Haworth Hall
Room 1043
University of Kansas
1200 Sunnyside Ave.
Lawrence, K.S. 66045

  • B.S. - University of Alabama
  • Ph.D. - University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Postdoctoral Training - Creighton University School of Medicine


Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D. is the Director of the Microscopy and Analytical Imaging Research Resource Core Laboratory, Professor (tenured) of Pharmacology and Toxicology and Neuroscience Graduate Program, Academic Affiliate of the Bioimaging Science Track in the Bioengineering Graduate Program at the University of Kansas School of Engineering, and Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of Kansas and the University of Kansas Medical Center respectively. Until June 2015, he was a tenured Professor of Integrative Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, and the Institute of Neurobiology in Puerto Rico.


Dr. Rosa-Molinar and his group research focuses on neurotechnology, specifically developing/refining reagents, tools, and workflows for multi-scale multi-modal correlated volume resin microscopies, in order to determine the three-dimensional nano-scale geometry and chemical composition of synapses. Dr. Rosa-Molinar and his group are particularly interested in “mixed synapses”, a poorly studied synapse that combines the features of both chemical and electrical (e,g., gap junction) synapses.

Selected Publications

Names that are underlined indicate current and former laboratory members, including technicians undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.

Peer-Reviewed Papers and Extended Abstracts (submitted/in revision)

  1. Martínez-Rivera, N., Serrano-Vélez, J. L.Torres-Vázquez, I. I., and Rosa-Molinar, E.  Superficial neuromasts as proprioceptors underlying a fast innate behavior.  "Biodiversity of sensory systems in aquatic vertebrates", in Front.  Ecol. and Evol. (submitted)
  2. Serrano‐Velez, J. L., Santiago-Robles, C. M., Rodriguez‐Alvarado, M., Martinez‐Rivera, N.Torres‐Vazquez, I. I., and Rosa‐Molinar, E. Dissection and analytics of a neural circuit: From neurons‐ to‐dendrites‐to‐connexin35‐containing gap junction’s puncta‐to-connectivity.  “Connexin- and pannexin-mediated pathways in homeostatic and pathological central nervous system”, in Front. Cell. Neurosci. (submitted)
  3. Garcia-Lebron, R., Koutis, I., Torres-Vazquez, I. I.Martinez‐Rivera, N.Serrano-Velez, J. L., and Rosa-Molinar, E.Automating Cellular Connectomics: Spectral algorithms permit three-dimensional segmentation of neurons. “Integrating brain anatomical, functional and effective connectivity” in Front. Neurosci. (submitted)

Peer-Reviewed Book (forthcoming)

  1. Rosa-Molinar, E., Fraser, S. F., and Macagno, E. R. [guest editors] (commissioned “stand-alone” mini-book in a new imaging series published by Springer). SpringerBriefs in Biological Imaging Series: Correlative Three-dimensional Microscopy of Extended Tissue Volumes, D. J. Taatjes (series ed.), Springer, New York, NY; 3rd edition.

Peer-Reviewed Papers (published)

  1. Hewitt, S. M., Baskin, D. G., Frevert, C. W., Stahl, W. L., and Rosa-Molinar, E. (2014). Controls for immunohistochemistry: Controls for Immunohistochemistry: The Histochemical Society's Standards of Practice for Validation of Immunohistochemical Assays.  J. Histochem. Cytochem. Jul 14. pii: 0022155414545224. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 25023613.
  2. Serrano-Velez, J. L.Rodriguez-Alvarado M.Torres-Vazquez I. I., Fraser, S. E., Yasumura, T., Vanderpool, K. G., Rash, J. E. and Rosa-Molinar, E. (2014). Abundance of gap junctions at glutamatergic mixed synapses in adult Mosquitofish spinal cord neurons. Front. Neural Circuits 8 (66):1-16; doi: 10.3389/fncir.2014.0006.


Selected Grants


R43 GM 115042 (Rosa-Molinar) (Consortium PI) 10/01/15-09/30/16 0.3 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $251,977 (direct)
Luminescent Metal Complex Probes for Correlative Microscopy

R43 MH-106245 (Rosa-Molinar) (Consortium PI) 08/01/15-07/31/16 NCE 0.3 calendar month
NIH/NIMH $225,000 (direct)
Conductive Metalllography for Serial Section Electron Microscopy at Nanometer Resolution

HRD-1137725 (Rosa-Molinar) (Consortium PI) 09/01/11-08/31/17 0.6 calendar month
NSF $4,985,003.00 (direct)
Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience

IOS-1557754 (Gilly, Rosenthal, Kier, Rosa-Molinar) 09/01/16-08/31/19 0.6 calendar month
NSF $450,000 (direct)
Structural and Functional Connectivity of Squid Chromatophores

5 T36 GM 008637-21 (Rosa-Molinar) 09/30/96 -08/31/17 0.5 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $834,383 (direct; NCE)/No salary support requested
Excellence and Development of Diversity in Research


IPERT R25 (new application) (Rosa-Molinar) 09/01/16-08/31/17 0.5 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $600,001 (direct)/No salary support requested
Diversity Resources for Enrichment, Access and Mentoring 2

R43 GM (new application) (Joshi, Rosa-Molinar) 04/05/17-03/31/18 1.2 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $244,325 (direct)
Peroxidase Mimics for Electron and Correlative Microscopy

R01 GM (new application) (Rosa-Molinar) 09/01/17-08/31/23 2.5 calendar months
NIH/NIGMS $1,821,355 (direct)
Developing a Toolkit for Immuno-correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

R43 GM (new application) (Joshi and Rosa-Molinar) 10/05/17- 09/31/18 1.2 calendar month
NIH/NIGMS $249,539.67 (direct)
Carbon “dots” for Correlative Microscopy


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