Research Resource Core Laboratory

Materials, Cellular, and Tissue Preparation/ Sectioning Resources

Haworth Hall Room 1043


  1. CO2 incubator Shel-Lab, Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc., Model SCO6AD,
  2. Class II, Type 2 Purifier Biological Safety Cabinet, Labconco 
  3. Sorvall MT2 Ultramicrotomes (n=2) with 35° diamond knife 
  4. Leica EM KMR3 Knifemaker
  5. American Optical Spencer 860 Sliding Block Microtome (microtome knife blade 185 mm 7.25 inch) with Cryo-Histomat MK-2 controller, 75mm x 80mm freezing stage, closed circuit cooling system 
  6. American Optical Spencer 820 Rotary Microtome with AO 820 Blade Holder #814, High Profile Disposable Blades, LAB-TEK AO820 cassette vise jaws with floatation bath workstation
  7. Quorum Technologies carbon/metal evaporator/plasma cleaning
  8. Harrick Plasma Cleaner
  9. Quorum Technologies Critical Point Dryer
  10. Cryopress Slam Freezer
  11. FEI Vitrobot
  12. Gatan Cryo-Holder and the Dry Pumping Station
  13. Glove Box
  14. Analytical Weigh Station
​​​​​Please contact Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar (Director/Professor) if you need further details.


Coming Soon... Hitachi H-8100!!

Hitachi H-8100 Transmission Electron Microscope 
·          75kV to 200kV thermionic emission (W hairpin filament)
·          Large specimen tilt (+/- 45 degrees) pole piece
·          In situ heating experiments with a heating stage (up to 900 degrees)
·          A cryo-TEM with a cryo-holder (down to -170 degrees)
·          A Gatan TV rate CCD camera for imaging (down to 0.5 nm resolution) and diffraction (large tilting with a Gatan double tilt holder)
·          A Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) for energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
·          Operation at low kV (75 and 100 kV) for soft- and bio-materials and 200 kV for inorganic materials
·          Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction (CBED), nanodiffraction capabilities
·          Hollow-Cone Illumination
More to come...


Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar 

Director/ Professor 


Dr. Eduardo Rosa-Molinar